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Summer Swim Musts!

Hello, summer 2020!   Let’s face it – there’s nothing like spending your summer days on a sandy shore, pool side, or at the beach strutting a sexy new swimsuit that sets you apart from the crowd. But with so many bikini shops and swimwear styles to choose from, finding the perfect one for you … continue reading


Don’t regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many.   We all age differently but one thing stays the same, we all want to age gracefully. Unfortunately, a lot of this is out of our control! What can you do? Accept the idea that this is life? Or make changes that are in your … continue reading

Transitional Wear Clothing That Brings You Into The New Season!

Transitional Wear, clothing that brings you into the new season.   Flowers are blooming, grass is growing, birds are chirping! The sun is shining, and winter is melting away. The spring season is near, and with that comes a new sense of style. Transitioning from one season to another can bring forth a sense of … continue reading

Forever in Blue Jeans

Hot new denim trends to try this spring!   Frayed Hems Denim is coming undone. Toss the outdated fold at the ankles look and incorporate the unique cut of frayed-hems. Everyone can wear it, because it’s not limited to one particular denim fit. This applies to everything from cropped flares, skinnies, or denim jackets, incorporating … continue reading

Commando – A Brand Made to Empower!

  Commando, a brand founded & manufactured right here in the US, has                                   Don’t leave the house provided a base for women to feel empowerment and to maximize comfort                      … continue reading

Color Trends Are Bold And Bright! (Flame Scarlet)

  As the cold season continues and we find ourselves becoming bored with cashmere sweaters, coats, and boots. The cold grey weather has a tendency to drag out year after year and towards the end of the season our desire to dress up the winter wardrobe becomes slim. Before you get too immersed in that … continue reading

Holiday Outfits Re-purposed!

Holiday Favorites Do Double-Duty! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and danced their way into 2020! As you declutter your wardrobe for the year ahead, we are here to tell you to keep those beloved holiday pieces ready to style! Yep, you read that right, those pieces you thought you could only get wear out … continue reading

Leather – Your Any Occasion Piece!

Leather is an upcoming trend that we are going to see A LOT of in the new year (and we aren’t complaining)! From pants, to jackets, to skirts, this trend adds texture, and a whole lot of style to any outfit! When you think of wearing leather, you might think of motorcycles and rock bands, … continue reading

Pick the perfect work attire for your holiday party!

                                        LET'S DO HOLIDAY RIGHT! We’ve all been that girl or known that girl outside a nice restaurant or even in the car quickly switching shoes from the flat office wear into party heels. Throwing on ... continue reading

Hoodies are the Secret to Winter Layering!

          There’s a reason we admire the street style set. Members of the fashion world have an uncanny ability to take an item that was once dismissed as tacky and make it suddenly relevant again. Who would have imagined that fanny packs, neon, and rubber jackets would be must-haves? You can … continue reading