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Leather – Your Any Occasion Piece!

Leather is an upcoming trend that we are going to see A LOT of in the new year (and we aren’t complaining)! From pants, to jackets, to skirts, this trend adds texture, and a whole lot of style to any outfit! When you think of wearing leather, you might think of motorcycles and rock bands, … continue reading

Pick the perfect work attire for your holiday party!

                                        LET'S DO HOLIDAY RIGHT! We’ve all been that girl or known that girl outside a nice restaurant or even in the car quickly switching shoes from the flat office wear into party heels. Throwing on ... continue reading

5 Steps To Dress Like A Boss!

5 Steps To Dress Like A Boss! Whether you’re gearing up for a brand new job, or have been working the same job for quite some time now, it’s important that you feel powerful in the clothes you wear every day! The air is getting colder, and workdays longer. Make getting dressed for work an … continue reading